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Once upon a time, there was a sweet country boy who had his life totally figured out, and an aspiring musician/artist who was waiting tables to get by and was just a little rough around the edges. Unlikely pair? You betcha. ;)
Despite the odd couple we made, we bonded over our love of music, family, The Office, and Taco Bell. We've basically been inseparable ever since. After an early 2000's-inspired wedding filled with taffeta, a white tux, and fake gems...we soon delved into parenthood. Since having 2 under 2 got us used to sleepless nights, we figured we were in great shape to start a business. Which let's be honest...can be WAY needier than an infant sometimes.
And now? We spend every day working side by side with our best friend. We are SO passionate about family, and we are so excited that we get to spend our lives documenting the beginning of so many families all across the Toledo and Detroit area, and beyond! 

Yoga enthusiast. Junk food junkie. Lover of all things Harry Potter and polka dots. Embarrasses Kent on a regular basis. Constantly told to keep her voice down. Womens Rights Activist. Wannabe chef. Laughs until she cries. Will probably fix your hair about 2479 times on your wedding day. Target addict.

Serial movie quoter. Terrible dancer. Laughs harder at his dad jokes than anyone else. Pizza aficionado. Obsessed with Star Wars almost as much as he is with his sock collection. Expert dress fluffer. Eagle Scout. Listens to Adele, P!nk, and Katy Perry on the daily. Lighting Guru. Aspiring barista. Gamer.

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We believe you'll never regret investing into saving your memories. We love to connect with each and every one of our couples so you can be sure we're the perfect photographers for your perfect day. Because when you're sharing your wedding album with your granddaughter while she's planning her wedding, you want to remember every emotion that flooded you that day. The anticipation. The unexplainable joy. That lump in the back of your throat and that tear you tried to hold back so your mascara wouldn't run. And the overwhelming love you felt in that one moment that you FINALLY got to see one another, and officially started your family's legacy.

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We love it when our KS Couples reach out to us to come back and photograph their growing love AND growing families! Not only that, we also love meeting new couples who need updated photos of themselves. No matter if you're just starting your marriage, or you've been married for 50 years. We want to hear your story. We want to be inspired by it. We want to document the love between you right here, right now. Whatever that looks like, and whatever stage of life you're in. Celebrate it. Love it. Allow us to help you remember it. Celebrate yourself. Love yourself. Allow yourself to let go of perfection. We'd love to help you treat yourself to the gift of memories.

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